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Although it’s part of our service for most floor cleans, Industrial Commercial Cleaning now offer a stand alone Slip Test Service for businesses large and small who might require slip test certification for compliance purposes. 

Slip testing is often a key requirement of business insurance and should always be a feature of a professional floor clean.  If your floors have already been cleaned and you need only a slip test, ICC can provide a professional service at a time and budget that suits you.

ICC have invested in the industry-standard equipment to carry out Slip Testing over the full range of floor types.  If your business needs a slip test, either with a floor clean or without, contact Industrial Commercial Cleaning now.

Slip Testing

If you have a floor in your premises that needs to be Slip Tested, we specialise in this service so get in touch with us.  Price for a single slip test is £300 and every additional room is £25.

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Our Slip Test Experts.

Slip testing should be carried out on all flooring before and after restoration and cleaning.  We are confident we can achieve more slip resistant flooring, better reducing the risks of slipping on all floor surfaces.  

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