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Wooden floor clean – Glenskirlie Castle

Beautiful Wooden floors in Glenskirlie Castle

wooden floor restoration

Industrial Commercial Cleaning are now the preferred wooden floor cleaning suppliers for the new owners of Glenskirlie Castle.

As a major renovation project drew to a close, Industrial Commercial Cleaning were called in to provide our expert guidance and service.  Not just wooden floor cleaning we also had lots of stone floor cleans in the reception areas.  You have to agree the rooms’ wooden floors look resplendent in gleaming wood – freshly cleaned by the professionals at ICC.

All of the suites and bedrooms in Glenskirlie Castle between Kilsyth and Falkirk have traditional wooden floors.  It made no sense to undergo a complete renovation of the complex after new owners took over, without also bringing in the professionals to restore their gorgeous wooden floors to their original glory.

If you have a requirement for a similar wooden floor cleaning service in your commercial premises, we specialise in this type of wood floor cleaning so get in touch with us for a competitive quote.

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Wooden Floor Restoration

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Some FAQs on Wooden Floor Restoration

Why use non-chemical cleaning products on a wooden floor?

Why do we use InnuScience Biological Based Cleaning Products?

  • World leaders in biologically based cleaning products.
  • 37 scientists & 3 doctors in 3 different labs, formulating the best performing cleaning products, in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Found in over 53 countries around the world.
  • Products are truly green and certified as such by 53 countries round the world.

Restoring Wooden Floors

At ICC, we understand the unique charm of wooden flooring and are committed to restoring its elegance. Our restoration process begins with a thorough assessment to identify any damage, then we meticulously clean the flooring, removing any dirt or old finishes. Using specialised equipment, our skilled team sands the surface gently but effectively, preparing it for refinishing.

We then apply high-quality stains and sealants, chosen to enhance the wood’s natural beauty and protect it for years to come. Throughout the process, we ensure minimal disruption to your space, maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Non-chemical cleaning works best on wooden floors

At Industrial Commercial Cleaning we focus on using the best performing cleaning products, in an environmentally responsible way. We also use methods to safeguard and protect wood, stone and marble by adopting Diamond polishing and stripping techniques.

We only use InnuScience biological based cleaning products, and we are the only contract company certified to carry out training on behalf of InnuScience with certification.

A non-sanding technique to restore and clean Wooden floors

At ICC, we appreciate that sanding may not always be viable for every wooden floor. That’s why we offer a no-sanding restoration option. This gentler approach involves deep cleaning the floor to remove grime and old polish. We then apply a fresh layer of high-quality polish or oil, depending on the wood type and your preference, to rejuvenate the floor’s appearance.

This method is ideal for wooden floors that cannot withstand sanding or when you’re looking for a quicker, less invasive restoration process. Trust us to revive the beauty of your wooden flooring with care and expertise.


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